Decemboobs 2016, Day 23: Non-Eschered

Officially the last of this series but some bonus art turned up later. Originally posted on DeviantArt on December 28.

Day 23:

Digital drawing of two nude women in front of a window.
Two nude women in front of a window

What I wrote about this at the time:

Based on this post from Contently You, which I found in my Likes from last year. I was very tempted to count this as a double item, since the fact that breasts aren’t visible from the angle that the girl on the left is shown at counts as information about what breasts do – check out the Eschergirls blog for many examples of artists getting it hilariously wrong.

The attempt at coloring was not a success. I’m still trying to look for ways to make the color differences between my screens work for me. Cloning the colors from the original image is an obvious way to do that that works – I chose not to do that here. But what fun these two models were to draw!

Two years on, the colors seem fine. Of course, viewers won’t be able to check them against the reference, because the original image and the blog it was on have both been scrubbed from the web in the Tumblrpocalypse.