Decemboobs 2017, Days 13 and 14: 2 from Yournudemom

I’m just going to consolidate these two as well. I’ll probably post a YNM gallery as a separate post later.

Day 13 (Pensive) and Day 14 (Good Morning?)

What I wrote about these at the time (more or less)

Thirteenth[/Fourteenth] entry in Decemboobs, an annual month-long challenge in which a small handful of cartoonists work on drawing more realistic breasts by creating at least nominally referenced drawing, though keeping any group of cartoonists working within any predetermined constraints is like herding cats. As for why we do this, well, comic book boobs have gotten better since the 1990s, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.
[These drawings are] based on another photoset by the lovely Yournudemom on Tumblr: – [For the first drawing,] I was struck more by the thoughtful seated pose, which actually highlights the shapes of her body (breasts, back, long bones and the folds in her torso) quite well and has an interesting composition and expression.

Yournudemom shot these with a self-timer and while the reference photos (now shadowbanned by Tumblr) aren’t technically perfect, they have fantastic perspective and composition.