Inktober 2018, Day 31: The Trybe of Kürzwÿl

Last one for Inktober. The next challenge I took part in was NaNoMango, but that wasn’t a successful project. I made only a few finished comics pages and I’m not ready to post even those. However, I will post a selection of character and other preliminary and supporting artwork I made during the month.

Day 31:

The Trybe of Kürzwÿl, a 1980s Goth band that just keeps on trucking.
The Trybe of Kürzwÿl, a 1980s Goth band that just keeps on trucking.

What I wrote about this at the time:

No prompt followed.
I had a work in progress that followed the ‘Slice’ prompt but it wasn’t going well and I was ready to call time on my Inktober project. But then I got bored during a meeting and this Darkwave band turned up. The Trybe of Kürzwÿl are one of the most venerable in the genre, dating back to the mid-1980s when they were simply known as Kürzwÿl. These days they’re down to two original members and whenever they tour, they hire their rhythm sections from local punk bands. This has considerably improved the quality of their playing even though working relations can be strained.
Originally done in ballpoint on lined paper. I re-inked it digitally to clean it up while trying to preserve the energy of the original doodle.

It turns out I liked the idea of this band, with Tag and Zig from two earlier entries as the rhythm section, a lot and so they played a part in the NaNoMango project as well.