Decemboobs 2015, Day 25

Let’s get straight to the point. Day 25: What I wrote about this at the time: Well, you know, it’s Christmas day, we’re moving a housemate out to a new apartment, and what with the food and the beer after that, I was ready for a lazy afternoon and evening, so just for once, I […]

Decemboobs 2015, Day 22

On day 22, I continued the pattern of alternating quite good drawings with rather clumsy ones. Day 22: What I wrote about this at the time: Now, this one, it turned out, I didn’t enjoy drawing at all, and the reasons have to do with photography. Yesterday’s source image, found on Tumblr with no photographer […]

Decemboobs 2015, Days 14 and 20

There was a long break between days 14 and 20 of Decemboobs 2015. I don’t remember why, probably something to do with work or preparations for the holidays. I think Dave Sim was right when he wrote that all the stuff you deal with on a day to day basis is entirely forgettable but the […]

Decemboobs 2015, Days 11 and 13.

We’re now at the stage of the Decemboobs drawing challenge where things started to get rougher for me, with day 12 being missed entirely and the 13th artwork ending up kind of unflattering towards its subject. Though three years on, that artwork doesn’t look so bad. Day 11: What I wrote about this at the […]

Decemboobs 2015, Days 3 and 4

Continuing my series of reposts from Decemboobs, a drawing challenge focused for cartoonists who don’t want to end up on Sequential Tart’s Bizarre Breasts. These two drawings are from December 2015, the first year I took part in this. Previous Day 3: What I wrote about this at the time: No human body is exactly […]