New mission for this weblog, plus extra Patreon

Happy new year! I wanted to take a bit of time to explain what I’m going to do with Obsession du Jour (formerly Waffle until 2013-ish) in this new year and how this affects the pace of posting and the sort of stuff that you will be reading here. The blog has a new mission: […]


I’ve just updated WordPress, and installed a Markdown plugin to fit into possible new workflow. So let’s see if this works. The following content has been marked up with [Markdown]( “Wikipedia entry for Markdown”) **This is Bold text** _This is italic text_ ### This is a header (H3) OK, that works well enough. I plan […]

Comments now close after 90 days

Lately I’ve been getting some comments to blog posts from months to a year ago, usually record reviews. These may or may not be substantive in nature but are usually in an insulting tone. Since I have no intention to perform blog archeology and get insulted in the process, I have changed the blog settings […]

To new blog readers: about this blog

If you’ve come here for the Skeptic’s Circle installment Adam’s running, you may find yourself scratching your head and wondering what the rest of this blog is about. Most of the other posts on the blog’s front page right now are promotional announcements asking readers to “vote” for something called “Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan” on something […]

Useful WordPress hack courtesy of Erin, plus to-do list for the blog

I didn’t lose a lot of irreplaceable stuff in last Sunday’s hard drive crash. Luckily, all my working files and my financial accounts are on external drives as a matter of standard procedure – I never keep them on the same physical volume where my operating system is. But I did lose a few items […]