Linklog for October 5: Right-wing terrorism, air conditioning, nudity and Sydney’s war against trams

I’ve not posted a new linklog since July 25, but I have been collecting links. As with my art, I want to make sure the labour involved in collecting valuable links for others and sharing them doesn’t just benefit the platorms I post them on, but myself as well. Already I’ve found that I’ve referred […]

Today in short answers to simple questions

Jessica Bennett in Newsweek (via Making Light, comments section of post): Indeed, if these students are bullies, according to the law, what does that make the rest of us? Massachusetts’s anti-bullying statute defines bullying as repeated behavior that, among other things, “causes emotional harm” or “creates a hostile environment” at school. If it were applied […]

Wall Street Wives…

Treaclelilly at Livejournal linked to this article: Wall Street Wives had the richer, now they’re a bit poorer in the LA Times online, refering to the wives in question as her choice for “asshats of the day”. I’ll admit it’s very hard to feel sorry for people who earned ten times as much as Treaclelilly […]

Dodged a bullet there

Just weeks ago, I was contemplating opening a savings account at IceSave – for people outside the Netherlands who haven’t been following along, IceSave is an online savings bank owned by the Icelandic bank Landsbanki, which offered over 5 1/2% interest rate on its mainstream savings account product. Ironically, this was prompted by a mailing […]