Two must-read articles

Andrew Sullivan on why Sarah Palin still matters. Because somebody needs to be held to account for selecting the worst vice-presidential candidate in history. (via Lawyers, Guns and Money) Michael Lewis on the End of Wall Street’s Boom. This long article by Michael Lewis, writer of Liar’s Poker is financial porn: It explains in lurid […]

Dodged a bullet there

Just weeks ago, I was contemplating opening a savings account at IceSave – for people outside the Netherlands who haven’t been following along, IceSave is an online savings bank owned by the Icelandic bank Landsbanki, which offered over 5 1/2% interest rate on its mainstream savings account product. Ironically, this was prompted by a mailing […]

Hyperinflation I

Drawing that just popped up in my head the other day, after talking to Aggie about the economic crisis. Of course, after the drawing pops up in one’s head, one has to do the hard work of drawing it – including research for things like wheelbarrows full of money. When I googled for “Wheelbarrow full […]

No comic on Monday, birthday, driving, living expenses

Some miscellaneous things: First off: there will not be a new comic next week. My 37th birthday is tomorrow, and my present to myself is a day off the treadmill. No deadlines, no accomplishment targets. I may or may not do any work, but I’m releasing myself from all obligations for just one weekend in […]

Financial decluttering got results quickly

Yesterday’s financial decluttering sure delivered results fast: my tax forms are filled in and ready to send (after scanning them so I have a copy), and let’s just say that if my calculations are accurate, which they should be because it’s, you know, my tax form, I’m a happy pauper indeed. I don’t keep paper […]

Decluttering, tightwaddery, time management, organisation – it’s all one, really

The other day, in the midst of what looked like becoming an ongoing conversation about tightwaddery, I posted about decluttering for the first time in months. That’s no coincidence. There are four aspects of my life that I tend to get antsy about at the same time: money, clutter and mess in the house, my […]

Personal finance sites and why I read them

While discussing this post privately, Aggie pointed me to the Tightwad Gazette’s website, which hasn’t updated since the time when the earth was still cooling, and the blog The Simple Dollar, which, it turned out, is good enough to keep me reading for hours on end (though I’d like some higher ratio of meaty to […]