Joey Manley on the Tennessee “Don’t say ‘gay'” bill.

My old friend Joey Manley has something important to say about the Republican scum that are trying to introduce a “Don’t say ‘gay’” bill in Tennessee, and their ‘moderate’ enablers (quoted in full with his permission): The only reason for a law forcing teachers and counselors to out gay teens to their parents? Increase suicide […]

Health care, Les Paul, Answers in Leviticus and the Rwandan genocide

It’s another episode of “Interesting stuff I’m reading”: Answers in Genesis refuses God’s command and Ken Ham should repent (from Answers in Leviticus Les Paul Youtube Friday an old Crooked Timber post rounding up music by Les Paul, pioneer of the electric guitar and multitracking, who died this week aged 94. One they missed, at […]

Simple answers to simple questions: Wingnuts and Obama’s health care plan

Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly gets a question in his e-mail and passes it on to his readers: So why are far-right activists so apoplectic? Why would people who stand to benefit from health care reform literally take to the streets and threaten violence in opposition to legislation that will help them and their […]

Fairy-tale physics, plus laying the ‘cheese-eating surrender monkey’ meme to rest and putting a bit heavy tombstone on it so it won’t crawl out

Chad Orzel at Uncertain Principles has started what looks like a series of posts on the physics of fairy tales. The first one, The Faulty Thermodynamics of Children’s Stories, discusses the bowls of porridge in Goldilocks and the Three Bears: After all, the Papa Bear, being the biggest, presumably has the largest bowl of porridge. […]

Obsidian Wings:The Psychology of Oogedy-Boogedyism

This must-read post from Publius on why liberals fear social conservatives is very succinctly argued: Social conservatives aren’t merely a group with which liberals disagree – they’re a group perceived to threaten our lives in tangible ways. Outside of the Christian Right, gay rights isn’t some abstract morality play. It’s a direct assault upon some […]

Two must-read articles

Andrew Sullivan on why Sarah Palin still matters. Because somebody needs to be held to account for selecting the worst vice-presidential candidate in history. (via Lawyers, Guns and Money) Michael Lewis on the End of Wall Street’s Boom. This long article by Michael Lewis, writer of Liar’s Poker is financial porn: It explains in lurid […]

Trying to fathom the magnitude

Is it too much of an exaggeration to claim that the Bush presidency is over, and that President Bush hasn’t been succeeded by Dick Cheney or any of the four people on the Presidential election ticket, but by an unelected Chancellor? From Naked Capitalism: This is a financial coup d’etat, with the only limitation the […]