Art from 2000: Elf Life characters, Fire Elf, Krakatoa, Sower

First: by 2000, Krakatoa was developing towards her current appearance: And I was doing more extra art for the website, such as cast drawings: One of the big influences on my decision to get back into webcomicking and take it more seriously again was Carson Fire of what is now the comic formerly known as […]

Art from 1999: Display design, self-portraits and… Ezra Pound?

The images below are all from a single sketchbook from 1999, and are all that remains of that sketchbook. First, two self-portraits for a solo magazine called IK (me) that I put out in the late 1990s. It consisted mostly of autobiographical stories, some of which made it online. That year, I was also considering […]

Art from 1996 – Krakatoa, trolls and proto-White House in Orbit

I’m cleaning out my bookshelves full of old sketches, and I’m planning to be quite brutal. I’ve already thrown out two whole sketchbooks, pausing only to tear out the sketches below so I could scan and post them. The paper versions of these sketches will also be thrown out, but I do want to share […]

Faerie character sketches

Some character sketches for a story to come after Invasion… maybe. Revised, curvier version of Aleas. Photo reference: Belenen at DeviantArt, used with permission. The faerie Sash, drawn with slightly more distinct facial features. No reference. Neither of these are likely to get deleted from DeviantArt, but I do want to show them in a […]

Oh my God, it’s dwarf porn!

A couple of weeks ago, I got an image deleted from my DeviantArt site for the first and only time. It was a piece drawn for Einar’s birthday and titled “Dwarf Porn for Einar.” I don’t think it was particularly pornographic: Really, those DeviantArt people have no sense of humour anymore. You have to shrug […]