4 Mijl results not so good

29:37… 3/4 minute slower than last year. Then again, almost everyone in my team was considerably slower than last year, by a similar margin. Perhaps it was the damp, chilly weather, perhaps it was that everyone was dressed for even damper, chillier weather. Whatever the cause, it’s a bit of a dampener on a great […]

Run Winschoten 10 x 10K relay

I ran 49:27 in the 10 x 10 K relay event of the Run Winschoten as a member of the second Loopgroep Astrea team. For some reason, that team got listed as a woman’s team, even though none of the members would pass the sex test, as far as I know. This was actually my […]

Guess I’m not that out of shape after all

I clocked 43:47 at the 9K event of the Bommenberendloop today, which was about 10 minutes faster than my target time. I was going to take it easy but I figured out pretty soon that I could comfortable pace myself at under 5 minutes a kilometer, and did, even though the route had hardly any […]

Thesinge run results

I ran 56:44 net (56:49 gross) in the 11 km at this year’s Thesinge Run on Saturday, finishing 18th out of 49. I’m very satisfied with this result. Prior to the event, I didn’t feel ready for it – I’d come out of trainings feeling like I couldn’t keep up with my training-mates and on […]