Curious Photoshop/Mac/WiFi behaviour

One for the Mac-heads in the audience. I’ve been trying to cut distractions while working on comics, which means that I turn off the WiFi on my Macbook now. However, this doesn’t work as well as it should, because the following behaviour occurs: If I switch off WiFi (AirPort) and then fire up Photoshop CS […]

Sometimes, I have foresight.

I would like to thank my two years younger self for writing such clear instructions on how to install PNGOut on a Mac. My command-line skills, such as they were, have become extremely rusty, but when I needed to install PNGout again, I went from downloading the program to getting the first output written to […]

Running Windows on a Mac still to be considered harmful

Reader Kitchenbutterfly asks: Why have you burst my bubble? I’ve been living in paradise, claiming the MAC and all things APPLE to be the next best thing to sliced bread, or at least windows! And I know about buying computers in a hurry. Well here’s the thing: I loved my first iBook. I never had […]

Just for once in my life, I’d like to not have to buy a new computer in a hurry

With 36 hours to go before my next flight to Tennessee, the Macbook dies. That means that a) I get to buy a new hard drive for my Macbook just to have access to my files (music including my vinyl album rips, scans – the paper originals for many of which I have recently thrown […]

Sound sponge mystery

A friend of mine recommended a Mac program called Sound Sponge for automatically marking and cleaning out clicks and other problems from recordings taken from vinyl records.. but the only program called Sound Sponge (or technically, Sponge, but it’s located at is a small tool for converting audio file formats and is not what […]

How to install Pngout on a Mac and do batch operations

I’ve mentioned PNGout on Waffle a couple of times over the years. It’s an unbeatable little command line tool for making PNG files smaller that exists for multiple platforms. It was originally developed for Windows but has been succesfully ported to linux and OS X. Great though PNGOUT is, the ports don’t come with a […]