Notes/First Impressions: Zombie Nation by Carter Reid

So in my post about Sex Criminals, Rat Queens and Saga, I added a bit at the end, saying There is one more [Hugo] nominee [for Graphic Story] that, for reasons I’ve outlined before, I will skip for now. If I have time, I may check it out and if it rocks my world, it […]

Art from 1999: Display design, self-portraits and… Ezra Pound?

The images below are all from a single sketchbook from 1999, and are all that remains of that sketchbook. First, two self-portraits for a solo magazine called IK (me) that I put out in the late 1990s. It consisted mostly of autobiographical stories, some of which made it online. That year, I was also considering […]

Two art blogs I like, plus two webcomics to check out

Mythwood – The Art of Larry MacDougal and A Vintage Sky are both sketchblogs showing lots of fantasy art in neat storybook illustration style. I find them very inspirational. Meanwhile, in her blog, Aggie linked to two comics that I need to check out: The Epic of Cuchulainn and Lovecraft is missing. I’ll get around […]

Designing webcomics for a range of sight impairments

I posted the following on a Comicgenesis forums thread about comics for the visually impaired about two weeks ago: The assumption among most commenters here seems to be that people are either perfectly sighted or completely blind – a lazy assumption that Bruce Tognazzini, former interaction designer for Apple, has some things to say about: […]

Return of the Son of the End of Free, Part II

Over the years, I’ve become skeptical of paid content as a viable model for most of the content being published online, particularly for webcomics. In the previous part, I discussed what I believe are the reasons micropayments have historically failed and free content resurged in the mid-2000s. I believe Rupert Murdoch’s plan to start charging […]