Commission 3: The Crimson Wonder

Third commission from the commission drive showing JR Dickson on Deviant Art‘s character the Crimson Wonder. It’s similar in approach to an earlier drawing by The Cosmic Beholder on DeviantArt: The Crimson Wonder, because that was part of the brief. John wanted to show off the character’s revised superhero costume in a drawing that was […]

Second commission: Keyla and Mhisha on the beach

Second commission from the commission drive, done for Travolore on DeviantArt and set in the The Bare Squadron universe. It shows Captain Keyla Kaeno and Mhisha Sahsvy having an intimate moment on the beach. The crested sandgrazers that also inhabit the beach aren’t amused. Full-scale download through my Dropbox. The commissions take time away from […]

New Abúi’s Travels page on ComicFury, my wife’s comics, and Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan

And while we’re on the subject of Abúi’s Travels, there’s a new page up. This is one of the biggest-looking pages I’ve ever come up with, due to the detailed backgrounds and the shading and highlights provided by Rona. It’s also got a ton of cameos from other webcomics. Backgrounds and crowds make for a […]

Abúi, as drawn by Donna Barr, plus more on the webcomic Abúi’s Travels

The other day I did independent comics veteran Donna Barr a small favor, and as a thank-you gift, she made this drawing of Abúi from the webcomics Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan and Abúi’s Travels for me (both comics not safe for workplaces or other small-minded environments). Abúi’s Travels is a bit of an oddity in my […]

Running Windows on a Mac still to be considered harmful

Reader Kitchenbutterfly asks: Why have you burst my bubble? I’ve been living in paradise, claiming the MAC and all things APPLE to be the next best thing to sliced bread, or at least windows! And I know about buying computers in a hurry. Well here’s the thing: I loved my first iBook. I never had […]