Commenting rules

Comments on Waffle are strictly moderated for spam. If something is not spam, it may still take a while before they are approved, because I don’t check the comment area daily, so stuff that ends up in my spam box by mistake may sit there for a while. If something is borderline spammy, such as a vaguely relevant comment that has an unrelated commercial URL attached to it, I may post the comment with the URL removed.

Content moderation
We have very few commenters here, and no real need for rules, but in the past year, I HAVE deleted people’s comments if the submitters were being assholes. So, don’t be an asshole. This is especially a problem with the music review posts which attract insults from people who are not regular readers of the blog, but see a favourite artist or record mentioned in a Google Alert, or something like that, and upon finding that I am not fawning over it, will post a one-line putdown and never come back again. These comments will not be approved, no matter how tempting it is for me to publish them and then mock them. If you don’t like what I write, argue with it on the substance or even on the form of how I wrote it, but do not use my space to attack me, especially if you are a stranger to me or this blog.

These rules can be expanded or edited at will, but “Don’t be an asshole” covers 99% percent of all problems with bad comments everywhere, so right now, I do not see the need for more detailed rules.

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