Inktober 2019, Day 19: Cat Becomes Abundant

A fat, fluffy , contented cat.
Inktober 2019, Day 19: Cat becomes abundant

Day 19: Cat Becomes Abundant. I’m a little under the weather and have spent much of the day either in bed or on the couch with some light reading. But I still wanted to do an Inktober drawing, so here’s another one that I did in a fast and furious way on a small piece of illustration board. The prompt, once again, comes from A.I.nktober: A neural net creates drawing prompts, the temperature 1.4 set. “Cat Becomes Abundant” is a nice prompt to take very literally. This sleepy kitty is abundant.

Colors were done in Autodesk Sketchbook on Mac, using the free Inktober brush set plus some of the default brushes. It turns out that the brush pen in the Inktober brush set is a pretty close match to the dried-out brush pen I used to do the cat’s fur.

Inktober 2019, Day 18: Misfit Camel

A camel standing in front of two lovely Cervus Camelopardalis, or Leopard Camel Deer. The Camel fits in, but doesn't. None of the animals should be standing in front of a coconut palm.
Inktober 2019, Day 18: Misfit, Camel

Day 18: Misfit. But also Camel. I combined the official prompt and the AInktober prompt (Temperature 1.0 this time), like some other people have done. Giraffes and camels don’t even thrive in the same environments, and as much as one might argue that Cervus Camelopardalis is sort of like a camel, it won’t work.

I worked smaller on this one, because I drew it during my lunch break and wanted to focus on the essentials more. For part of the image, I used a Pigma brush pen that, it turned out, had seen better days. I tried to embrace the dry-brush effect but after inking the camel and the giraffe on the right, I had had enough of that and switched to the Faber-Castell Pitt brush that made a smoother line. I’m not sure the difference is clear on the scanned and processed image but it was clear to me as I was drawing it. Some errors fixed in Sketchbook on iPad Pro.

Inktober 2019, Day 19: Ornery Beach Sheep

Three evil-looking sheep on a beach. One is eating out of a weekend bag; the second has a beer bottle in its mouth and a large facial scar. The third is an impressively-horned ram with a knife in his mouth.
Inktober 2019, Day 17: Ornery Beach Sheep

Day 17 and the official prompt is “Ornament”. This morning, that didn’t inspire me and with as little time to work on these things as I have, you gotta come up with something fast, so I took a look at the prompts from AInktober: A Neural Net Creates Drawing Prompts, especially the Temperature 1.4 set. “Ornery Beach Sheep” fit my mood exactly.
This was drawn entirely in traditional media with minimal touch-ups. I may readapt this later into some folk horror thing with the ornery sheep in a cornfield or desert, burning a wicker sheep.

Inktober 2019, Day 16: Wild

Absolute Unit, an orange mutant, going into a full-on rage, raising his massive fists
Inktober 2019, Day 16: Wild

Day 16: Wild. Absolute Unit again. Just trying to develop the character a little more. From the look of him, it’s, er, clobberin’ time? Something like that anyway. If I’m going to use Copics to color again, I should work at a smaller size and that should also allow me to get proportionally thicker lines more easily.

Inktober 2019, Day 15: Legend

Inside the tomb of "Victor William Babbage", Tess and Abby find a stairway that leads to a catacomb, whose walls are lined with not one, but two legendary machines of the mid-19th Century. And their journey of discovery is not yet over!
Inktober 2019, Day 15.Legend

Day 15: Legend. Inside the tomb of “Victor William Babbage”, Tess and Abby find a stairway that leads to a catacomb, whose walls are lined with not one, but two legendary machines of the mid-19th Century. And their journey of discovery is not yet over!
I thought this was going to take me two days to draw, but I found a solution (solution was to half-ass it).

Inktober 2019, Day 14: Overgrown

Tess and Abby look at an overgrown tomb inscribed "Here Lies Victor William Babbage". The inscription is, of course, a ruse.
Inktober 2019, Day 14: Overgrown

Day 14: Overgrown. Tess and Abby are back in our world now, and are investigating a tomb attributed to Victor William Babbage. They have reason to believe the tomb is not what it seems, and the name is a clue.

I said I was going to go back to traditional art after two fully-digital one, but the digital process right now works better for me, because I’m on a long weekend and the schedule does not include a long interruption while I’m at work. Working digitally, I can just power through instead of waiting for ink to dry.

Inktober 2019, Day 13: Ash

Tess and Abby walk towards Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, which has the shape of a giant ash
Inktober 2019, Day 13: Ash

Inktober 2019, Day 13: Ash. After crossing the lake of molten lava and landing their dragon (a motherfucking dragon! Whoop!), Tess and Abby find themselves in a peaceful meadow, at the center of which is a large ash tree.
“What’s so special about this tree?” asks Abby.

While looking for ash trees to draw for this challenge, I saw a photo showing one that had a familiar shape. My first thought was “It’s a Steeleye Span tree”, and then I realized that there was a reason that band featured that specific tree on several of their album covers. Yggdrasil, the tree of life, happens to be an ash.

Like the last one, this one was done entirely in digital media. I’m going back to traditional tomorrow, but it was nice not to have to worry about smearing, blobbing, waiting for ink to dry and getting my pen caught in the grain for a while.

Inktober 2019, Day 12: Dragon Complete Whoop

Digital drawing showing Tess and Abby riding a big fucking dragon over a lake of fucking molten lava. If that isn't a complete whoop I don't know what the fuck is.
Inktober 2019, Day 12: Dragon Complete Whoop

Day 12: Dragon/Complete Whoop. Tess Durban’s life keeps throwing her for a loop. One moment she’s sad because her friend, the same person who days earlier had turned her life upside down, has just ghosted her; the next moment she’s in an alternate dimension with a new friend, riding a giant fucking dragon over a giant fucking lake of molten lava. If that isn’t a complete whoop, I don’t know what is.

Once again I am combining the official prompt with a prompt from AI Weirdness, temperature 1.4, the absolute hottest take. My iPad Pro missed me, and I wanted to do some different things with colors. Unfortunately my understanding of color theory is somewhere between nonexistent and crap; however, I do know how to turn down the saturation for a value check and that helped me a lot this time.

Inktober 2019, Days 10 and 11: Pin Goose Pattern and Snow Whoop

A double today, because I was unable to finish yesterday’s drawing on the day itself, even though I’d made good progress on it during the morning session before going to work. It just so happened that I came home very late and exhausted. But I have a long weekend now, so I’m getting caught up.

A pincushion shaped, more or less, like a goose. It's got a patterned fabric and several pins stuck into it, including a broken safety pin
Inktober 2019, Day 10. Pin Goose/Pattern

Day 10: Pin Goose/Pattern. I did not find ‘Pattern’ inspiring by itself, so I combined it with one of the prompts from A.I.nktober: A Neural Net Creates Drawing Prompts by Janelle Shane. I went back and forth about whether I wanted to include a pattern in the drawing and went as far as to pencil in a tartan pattern on the fabric, but in the end I decided to have only the suggestion of a pattern in the digital coloring. Pincushions are weird, man.

Tess looks on as Abby slips over a patch of slippery, half-molten snow. Abby yells 'Whoop!"
Inktober 2018, Day 11. Snow/whoop

Day 11: Snow/Whoop. I liked ‘Snow’ a bit better but still wanted to include the A.I.nktober prompt “Whoop” in the art. So here are Tess and Abby in a snow-covered street, with Abby losing her balance.

Inktober 2019, Day 9: Swing

Ginger Baker in an interview setting saying "Cult of XünÿX? Yeah, I played on their record. They had this drummer, and I tell you… that fucker couldn't swing if he was hung!"
Inktober 2019, Day 9. Swing

Day 9: Swing.
Fictional outtake from the documentary Beware of Mr. Baker in which Ginger Baker discusses playing on the first Cult of XünÿX album. When original Cult of XünÿX drummer Jan Teunissen read the quote, he replied “But I am hung”, and left it at that.

I’ve been immersing myself in the records of Ginger Baker, who passed away last weekend, over the past few days, and I’ve enjoyed nearly all of them a lot, over the full range of his work from blues and jazz to hard rock, space rock, acrobat and unclassifiable stuff. His drumming is often the best thing on those records and even records that I might otherwise not have liked are lifted up by it. He also had an interesting face and did interesting, often quotably cantankerous interviews. It was only a matter of time before he’d turn up in a drawing by me. Because I had a full schedule today, I decided to stay in my comfort zone and do a simple thing that I could mostly finish in the morning before work. I went a little too far with that: I had time left to overdo the drawing, which I promptly did. It would have been better if I had quit drawing ten minutes earlier. I used Autodesk Sketchbook to undo some of that and I’m actually OK with how this one turned out.
I made the final image smaller, because the lettering in it is so huge.