Kate Bush cover of the day #58: The Morning Fog by Sometree

At this point, I’m deliberately searching for cover versions to complete the full set of songs from Hounds of Love/The Ninth Wave. I’ll be honest: I don’t like the distorted and rather strained lead vocal in this one, and I don’t think this adds a lot to the original version. But what can you do […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day #37: Experiment IV by Seven Graylands

While we’re on the subject of fucked up covers, this industrial version of ‘Experiment IV’ by Seven Graylands actually sounds like the sound that could kill someone from a distance. The barking/growling, a-melodious vocals appear to be cut and pasted together and all the instrumental sounds are harsh and edgy. A huge change from Kate’s […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day # 34: Army Dreamers by Mary Dillon

It’s “Army Dreamers” again! This is what, the fourth version that I’ve featured? Plus at least one artist who was featured previously has done this song as well. I’m really surprised by that. From an EP released in 2010, Mary Dillon puts in an outstanding vocal performance, with what is otherwise another straight reading of […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day #26: Army Dreamers by Laura Jorgensen

I said yesterday that I was getting a bit sick of Kate Bush covers performed live in a solo setting, but when I saw this clip of Boston psych-folk singer Laura Jorgenson perform “Army Dreamers” at a record store, accompanying herself on the bass keys on her accordeon, I was fascinated anyway. Then I thought […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day #25: Army Dreamers by Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf has done several Kate Bush covers over the years, but the ones that I could find until today were all solo live recordings made from the audience, and aside from the fact that I’m getting a bit sick of live solo recordings, they also had poor sound quality. So I was pleasantly surprised […]