Not too sure about this digital thing

I’m not sure if I should go on with the experiment in digital work. The latest update turned out better than the previous one (though there may still be changes to the colouring) but it took forever to make, was not a lot of fun and I still don’t have a good working process for […]

Two fun fantasy webcomics

I discovered not one but two very promising fantasy webcomics today: The Meek, and Lumia’s Kingdom. The Meek has fantastic art and lovely colouring and reminds me a bit of Zander Cannon’s The Replacement God. At only six pages into the story, it could go in a lot of different directions, but from the commentary, […]

Cross-site updates, or… done with mirrors

I’ve been doing a lot of stuff to the website lately. Here’s what’s been changed in the latest tune-up: Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan and Chronicles of the Witch Queen now have ads from a new ad provider, Webcomics World. This represents a significant policy change for me as I will be allowing some Flash ads, which […]

State of the comic update: weekend evaluation

I’ve sent DFG one more page I drew over the weekend. So I kept my promise of cranking out one other page. I didn’t really enjoy it though. All weekend, I’ve been fighting back fatigue and so I wasn’t focused on anything and got gradually more depressed. It didn’t help that I didn’t get any […]

Obsidian Wings:The Psychology of Oogedy-Boogedyism

This must-read post from Publius on why liberals fear social conservatives is very succinctly argued: Social conservatives aren’t merely a group with which liberals disagree – they’re a group perceived to threaten our lives in tangible ways. Outside of the Christian Right, gay rights isn’t some abstract morality play. It’s a direct assault upon some […]

Thesinge run results

I ran 56:44 net (56:49 gross) in the 11 km at this year’s Thesinge Run on Saturday, finishing 18th out of 49. I’m very satisfied with this result. Prior to the event, I didn’t feel ready for it – I’d come out of trainings feeling like I couldn’t keep up with my training-mates and on […]