Groceries for October 10: pre-travel week

This week’s groceries bill: €5.66. I only bought half a loaf of bread, a litre of milk, some bananas and a kilogram of tangerines. It’s gonna be an unusual sort of week though. I’m leaving for the United States (staying in Amsterdam overnight) on Friday, and the odds are I’ll be doing stuff in preparation […]

Groceries, week of September 12.

Total grocery bill at the supermarket: € 14.70. Changes in behaviour: the third week into my scheme to keep the groceries budget ultra-low, I found myself keeping a running tally of the prices of the items I picked out in my head. Cool; I’ve never been able to do that. I also gave myself some […]

Some quick food/budgeting notes

This week’s groceries expenses were €35 – they’ll be €37 when I get the peanut butter, which I forgot. Most of my groceries were bought at the farmer’s market, and because I brought a list and stuck to it, I did not splurge on expensive cheeses and sun-dried tomatoes. Last week’s groceries expenses were €27; […]

The death of consumerism?

If you go to frugality blogs, you’ll occasionally see comments from trolls telling the frugal blogger “thanks for wrecking the US economy, buddy”. This was easy to ignore and be skeptical about as late as three months ago, when the live-within-your-means crowd were very much the outliers. What, a bunch of guys who tore up […]

That about wraps up the market experiment

I spent €60 at the market this afternoon, plus €17 at my local organic butcher’s, and €6 at the market yesterday during my lunch break (when there were different stalls including an organic bread stall that I didn’t discover until after I’d bought bread. I’d have spent much more if my lunch break had been […]

How and when not to buy crap

Why Do Americans Insist On Buying Cheap Crap Instead Of High Quality Merchandise? at The Consumerist is, on its own, little more than a summary of Should You Splurge or Skimp? from MSN Money with some stuff added to make it look like original writing. But the comment thread is wonderful, full of concrete, practical […]