Groceries, week of September 12.

Total grocery bill at the supermarket: € 14.70. Changes in behaviour: the third week into my scheme to keep the groceries budget ultra-low, I found myself keeping a running tally of the prices of the items I picked out in my head. Cool; I’ve never been able to do that. I also gave myself some […]

That about wraps up the market experiment

I spent €60 at the market this afternoon, plus €17 at my local organic butcher’s, and €6 at the market yesterday during my lunch break (when there were different stalls including an organic bread stall that I didn’t discover until after I’d bought bread. I’d have spent much more if my lunch break had been […]

No-supermarket experiment follow-up

Well, my experiment in staying away from the supermarket ended quickly. As predicted, the need for durable baked goods (or rather the need to have breakfast and lunch after the middle of the week) was what pulled me back in. Worse, I was so strapped for time I had to use an Albert Heijn supermarket, […]