Shameless blegging: Review me!

If you have a Webcomicsnation account, could you do me a favour and review some of the comics on Chronicles of the Witch Queen? Anyone who has an account, even if you only use it for commenting on WCN comics, can post a review which will be posted on the WCN homepage and on the […]

State of the comic: Three weeks’ worth of Invasion uploaded

Episodes for Invasion for the next three weeks have been uploaded. Next week, I may be able to finish the final ones that have been scanned so far – what happens after that depends on whether I’ve got the scanner working by that time. The episodes will appear on Mondays, December 15, 22 and 29. […]

State of the comic: some movement at last

We’ll finally have some new updates again, and they’ll be on the Chronicles of the Witch Queen website. Starting Monday, December 8, the Invasion series will update again, once a week on Mondays, hopefully until the storyline is finished, which should take 8 updates in total. Feral is still in limbo. The day job is […]

State of the comic – Porcus Cubilis edition

First off: follow my NaNoWriMo effort on My DeviantArt site. It’s a Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story and actually fills in the big gap in the archives between The Stone of Contention and the stories that feature Jodoque as a character. Second, here are my latest original scans for Invasion: It’s slow going… it’s not so […]