Hyperinflation I

Drawing that just popped up in my head the other day, after talking to Aggie about the economic crisis. Of course, after the drawing pops up in one’s head, one has to do the hard work of drawing it – including research for things like wheelbarrows full of money. When I googled for “Wheelbarrow full […]

Trying to fathom the magnitude

Is it too much of an exaggeration to claim that the Bush presidency is over, and that President Bush hasn’t been succeeded by Dick Cheney or any of the four people on the Presidential election ticket, but by an unelected Chancellor? From Naked Capitalism: This is a financial coup d’etat, with the only limitation the […]

Personal finance sites and why I read them

While discussing this post privately, Aggie pointed me to the Tightwad Gazette’s website, which hasn’t updated since the time when the earth was still cooling, and the blog The Simple Dollar, which, it turned out, is good enough to keep me reading for hours on end (though I’d like some higher ratio of meaty to […]