Kate Bush cover of the day #55: Waking the Witch by The Little Unsaid

Oh my God, this one made my jaw drop. “Waking the Witch” in its original form on Hounds of Love is a completely artificial construction, all Fairlight and multi-tracking and slowed down tape. Then in 2014, I stumble upon this, uploaded to YouTube while I was not working on this series: one man with an […]

Kate Bush cover of the day #54: And Dream of Sheep/Under Ice by Theo Bleckmann

I’ve featured Theo Bleckmann before in this series, very early on, but it’s been three years, and as he did a whole project and album around the songs of Kate Bush, it was inevitable that he’d get featured again. This live recording combines “And Dream of Sheep” and “Under Ice” in a similar atmospheric form […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day #30: Coffee Homeground by TroubleClef and The LalaVox

It’s… a transatlantic collaboration over the internet, performed live before the camera. And it’s really good. That’s pretty much all you need to know. Well, that and that the duo have a whole playlist of Kate Bush covers they did together. At the end of each video, the guitar part is repeated without the vocals […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day #26: Army Dreamers by Laura Jorgensen

I said yesterday that I was getting a bit sick of Kate Bush covers performed live in a solo setting, but when I saw this clip of Boston psych-folk singer Laura Jorgenson perform “Army Dreamers” at a record store, accompanying herself on the bass keys on her accordeon, I was fascinated anyway. Then I thought […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day #25: Army Dreamers by Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf has done several Kate Bush covers over the years, but the ones that I could find until today were all solo live recordings made from the audience, and aside from the fact that I’m getting a bit sick of live solo recordings, they also had poor sound quality. So I was pleasantly surprised […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day # 13: Running Up That Hill by Theo Bleckmann

German-born composer and vocalist Theo Bleckmann takes “Running Up That Hill” into a tense, atmospheric direction as part of his Hello Earth project, due for release this year. I like this version a lot, though the entrance of the guitar at 5:14 is a bit disruptive. A minor fault, to my ears, and probably in […]