Kate Bush Covers of the Day #50 and #51: two that got away.

The two covers below were songs I could not find on Youtube, Myspace or Soundcloud, so I’m doing the next best thing: posting them as Spotify links. If you don’t have Spotify yet, you will have to get an account and install the client on your computer or mobile device, and you only get limited […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day # 21: Running Up That Hill by Kiki Dee & Carmelo Luggeri

I will try very hard not to do another six versions of “Running Up That Hill” in a row. It’s Kate’s most-covered song by a large margin, but it gets to be a bit much. Believe me, even I get sick of “Running Up That Hill” eventually. In fact, I was heartily sick of it […]

Kate Bush Cover Of The Day # 15: Running Up That Hill by MPHO

So… I’ve had a not very good day, starting with a medical checkup that had to be aborted because I could not tolerate the procedure even under sedation, and ending with me waiting an hour for the train home from work because an accident further down the line meant that several trains were canceled. Also, […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day # 13: Running Up That Hill by Theo Bleckmann

German-born composer and vocalist Theo Bleckmann takes “Running Up That Hill” into a tense, atmospheric direction as part of his Hello Earth project, due for release this year. I like this version a lot, though the entrance of the guitar at 5:14 is a bit disruptive. A minor fault, to my ears, and probably in […]

Kate Bush Cover of the Day #12: Running Up That Hill by Thee Heavenly Music Association

Vind meer artiesten als Thee Heavenly Music Association op Myspace Music It turns out that some of my favorite Kate Bush covers don’t exist on YouTube at all! Can you imagine something not existing on YouTube in 2011? So I’m now finding myself looking for the tracks on Rupert Murdoch’s evil empire. Don’t say I […]