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Kate Bush Cover of the Day #48: Suspended in Gaffa by Chrome Canyon

June 2nd, 2011 by Reinder

Er... yeah. So my original plan was to follow up the famous Kate Bush covers, the ones by Maxwell, the Futureheads, Placebo, what have you, with an encore round. I was going to return to some artists featured earlier that had done multiple Kate Bush covers and select another one that they had done.
Then over the weekend, I got so busy with working on my comics that I just forgot, and from Monday through Wednesday, my day job kicked my ass so hard I'm going to be reeling from it through the Ascension Day weekend, and I was happy to just have dinner and crash every day. But I have a day off, and the Kate Bush and Homeground news and information forum just alerted me to this, which is rather nice.

Suspended in Gaffa (Kate Bush) feat. Phoebe Oglesbee by Chrome Canyon

Link with free download.

A nice electronic version of 'Suspended in Gaffa' from The Dreaming by Chrome Canyon, bringing the original song up to date with some interesting vocal work. It's in the spirit of Director's Cut, which I will review any week now, and is apparently released in honour of Director's Cut. I like it. A lot.

Kate Bush Cover of the Day # 17: Suspended in Gaffa by Ra Ra Riot

April 28th, 2011 by Reinder

A faithful and not at all riotous cover by American indy rockers Ra Ra Riot. The vocals take some getting used to but I enjoy what they've done with the electric cello part. We'll be seeing them again in a while.