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July 21st, 2008 by Reinder

So.. what is new on the new website? What did I spend upwards of 12 hours on?

  • New top area design with a smaller logo and space for a large ad;
  • Nav area with important site stuff moved out of the right column to the top, where people are more likely to see it.
  • Below the fold area on the home page simplified. Left bar with "Current story" and "Featured story" taken out because I didn't maintain them anyway. Blog now has 500 pixels of width.
  • Comic page navigation is no longer made up of fake buttons, but ordinary links printed larger.
  • The site now has a real footer.
  • Right column is now reserved for advertising, giving existing ads more visibility.
  • One large new ad on top of all pages in the CMS; more pages have the square Project Wonderful ads, in a visible spot. Google ads are now treated as legacy ads, to be given a low priority if not removed completely.
  • More pages are now part of the CMS (14 added over the past few days); more pages already within the CMS run off the same style sheet.
  • Some pages not in the CMS also run at least partly off the main style sheet. These are pages like the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan cast page where constructing them from the CMS is more effort than maintaining them by hand (most of the individual cast entries are in the CMS though).
  • All materials copied over to the new server, except the old Gallery installation. I may or may not build a new one, or build a gallery from either WillowCMS or WordPress if I need to.
  • The blog now runs off WordPress.

Still to do:

  • Move all remaining cast pages to WillowCMS. Fill up the empty spots on the cast list.
  • Get the WordPress templates to behave, particularly in Internet Explorer, which I don't have.
  • Make a stripped-down version of the blog to iFrame under certain pages of outside websites.
  • Check all the links and especially image references in the blog so they don't point to the space on anymore.
  • RSS feed for the comic.
  • Minor consistency fixes as and when I come across them.
  • Logos for the various non ROCR comics on the site.
  • Possible OSCommerce installation to sell art through the website.
  • Fix a few archive pages that are missing or broken or not remastered.
  • Approve some more Transcriptions that have been sent in.
  • I guess it would also be nice if I wrote and drew some more comics.