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Lamb vindaloo

August 16th, 2008 by Reinder

I lost all my bookmarks over the course of not one, but two emergency software migrations. So I'm going to post more interesting links on the blog again. This is how I made lamb vindaloo during my stay in Tennessee, only I added tomatos and potatos to it. There's apparently some kind of factional schism about whether adding those ingredients is the One True Way to make vindaloo; I'm on the side of adding them because it makes the meal tastier and more nutritious.

I should find a vegetarian alternative though. I love lamb (and it's just not the same with any other meat), but lamb is pricy and in any case I don't like eating meat every day. Keeping the dead-body-eating down to once a week makes me appreciate it more, especially when I buy really good meat.

Edited to add: Just remember that this is a two-day recipe, because the meat has to marinade. I had to improvise something else to eat tonight while the meat was soaking up the tamarind and vinegar..