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Atra Cambrensis
Species: Human
Year of Birth: ca. 940.

An elderly, rural witch. She flies on broomsticks, cackles and has only one tooth. Yup, she's a witch. She does toads, if need be.

Atra's cookery is suspect, to say the least; not simply because that soup might be a witch's brew, but mostly because she is fond of putting soap in everything, magical or not.

As of the Corby Tribe storyline, the thing about the tooth is no longer technically true. Atra has lots of teeth, but most people see only one.


Atra in 958 Atra was apprenticed to Bess Johnsworth, and after Bess' suspicious firey death to Sanderon Magnus. Mature witches are expected to behave somewhat eccentrically, but it has been suggested that Atra's intermittent psychotic episodes had something to do with the events surrounding her first tutor's death. On that fateful Beltane's Eve, Atra was transported to the Ancestor's Shrine in the land of the Gnomes (the core country from which the current Gnomian Republic has grown), disguised as a Douard, with the intention to bring back an Ancestor's Bone from there. The bone would then be used for a potion that would allow Bess, Sanderon and Atra to transform themselves into birds. Atra brought back several Bones, and they did work, after a fashion.

After completing her apprenticeship, Atra settled in the forest as a rural witch. She was married at least once and had 10 children whose current whereabouts are unknown. It is thought that most of them made it to adulthood, and had offspring of their own. When she joined the gang in 973, some of them were still living with her in her cottage in the woods.

Atra's connection with the real world is tenuous at times. She had a long period where all her recipes, including the gang's dinners, included soap, but lately, she's been focused and hardly ever munches soap at all. After Kel's natural magical talents were revealed, Atra started tutoring the girl, and lately she has made a spirited attempt to teach Krakatoa, who already knows everything. Fortunately, Kra is an independent sort and has chosen to get a cottage of her own.

Atra was recently rejuvenated through exposure to the Fire of Ungdomma, which took about fourty years off her age. She has the experience of an old lady but the energy of a teenager. Beware.

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