Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan

Dramatis Personae

Ragna leading her Punk Rock 

Ragnarok "Pulp" Thorvaldsen
Species: Human
Year of birth: 967 (rejuvenated 1000)

Ragna is a longstanding member of the gang, and more or less runs it. She is an able swordfighter and has an efficient, if limited, brain in her head.
Ragna used to be infatuated with Tamlin, but isn't anymore. She joined in 982 when she was just a girl. Ragna is of Danish stock although her ancestors migrated long ago enough to forget the correct way to apply the patronymic.


Ragna in 1000 Ragna was born in 967, a third-generation Danish immigrant. She joined the gang at the tender age of 15, less than a year after her brother Dag left the gang because of a flaming row with Sari Leppiainnen. What the argument was about was never quite clear, but Dag was never seen again by anyone, and is presumed to have been eaten by a horde of rabid bears. Or something like that. It soon became clear that Ragna had a crush on Tamlin, who had been quite a famous barbarian hero and bandit in his day.

By 991, it was clear that she was the de facto leader of the gang, which is just as well, because Tamlin's bad habits had reduced him to a fat old drunkard. Some of the crush still remained, and any sign of success on the gang's part was followed by Ragna making advances to him, which he invariably ignored. It should have become clear to Ragna long ago that Tamlin, for whatever reason, wasn't interested in her. However, she persisted, and in 1000, she finally got him drunk enough to end in bed with her. She believes quite firmly that Tamlin is the father of her son Harold, although she herself was at the time failing to resist the advances of Baron Fieffelfalsfaffel, Wiccan ambassador in Iceland and a notorious ladies' man.

Shortly before the birth of her son, there was an acrimonious split between her and Tamlin after Tamlin was reunited with Ethelfried, an old flame. As a result, Ragna and Tamlin both left the gang and went their separate ways. Ragna took temporary refuge at Duke Henry's castle, where Duchess Guðrún delivered her baby at great peril to everyone involved. A side effect of the delivery was that 10 years were sliced off Ragna's age, making her a very energetic young mother indeed.

After the birth, she briefly worked at an inn owned by the Knocker family, but left after one too many bottom-pinchings by a customer, who lived to regret it. She took with her several other serving-wenches, forming a new, all-female gang that specialises in stripping men butt-naked, beating them black and blue, and brutally ravishing them. They have derived a fearsome public image from the Gnomian Military fashions they stole from a party of Gnomian diplomats.

Ragna is now willing to forgive Tamlin for his perceived infidelity, provided he never points out that she isn't a Vestal Virgin herself.

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