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Note: I've been wanting to do this ever since I read the introduction to The Replacement God Volume One, which came out in 1997 and is one of my favorite fantasy graphic novels. In the foreword, author Zander Cannon discusses bad, derivative, generic fantasy, saying "... I couldn't justify coming out with a comic using standards and measures and hippogriffs and basilisks and magic cloaks and fairy oaks and dolphins and elves and all that stuff...." (have you ticked them all off on your mental checklist? I suppose using a pine instead of an oak makes Wythhlew original). At the time, I had never read a fantasy novel with dolphins in it, but I thought, by golly, if they're such a big fantasy cliché, I'm bloody well going to have them in my comic. I had to wait a few years, but in ROCR time, that's just a blip. Next up, hippogriffs.
Unusually for me, I managed to do a bit of research in time for the comic - usually I do my research after the sequence I needed it for is done. Any inaccuracies that are still there are deliberate.

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