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Reinder Dijkhuis

Reinder is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Groningen, the Netherlands. His other work includes White House in Orbit for the educational magazine Hello You! White House in Orbit, written by Geir Strøm. Reinder contributes art and editorial input to the anthology site Chronicles of the Witch Queen.

Drooling Fan Girl, Mravac Kid, Jeroen Jager

Occasional colours are provided by guest colorists of whom Jeroen Jager, creator of the quirky webcomic Capn, and Drooling Fan Girl are the most prominent. Mravac Kid coloured several dozen episodes in the Invasion storyline.


Aggie, also known as Skycladstrega and Gothia, is the creator of American Gothic Daily and a regular contributor to Cameocomic and Evil Overlords United. After doing some fan arts, she took over drawing the Feral storyline as part of an art swap with Reinder, then stuck around for longer so Reinder could concentrate on the writing for that storyline and on finishing another. She'll be artist on Feral for an indefinite time period. Aggie teaches art in BF, Tennessee.

Calvin Bexfield

Backgrounds in many recent episodes have been done by the fantastic Calvin Bexfield. When not drawing, Calvin studies girlslaw.

Geir Strøm, Adam Cuerden

When prodded enough, Geir and Adam proofread scripts. Geir is the writer of White House in Orbit, Belle and most of the comics on Chronicles of the Witch Queen. Adam is the writer of Dangerous and Fluffy. He has translated the verse dialogue in The Death Warrant.

Guest artists

There have been too many guest artists to mention here, but they are all credited in the Guest Comics Table of Contents.


Mithandir, creator of the webcomic Chasing the Sunset, is the writer of WillowCMS, on which the current incarnation of the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan website runs.


The #crfh channel-dweller known as Slave is the go-to guy for industrial-strength punning. He doesn't speak Dutch, but his help in translating the puns in the early work has been invaluable.

Sven van der Hart

Former professional comic letterer Sven van der Hart created the Stripschrift font after he decided to retire from the profession. He is now a toy animator and photographer.


Creator of The Pantheon, maker of custom plush toys. Timm wrote and drew one half of Even in Arcadia.

Yonaka Yamako

Artist Yonaka Yamako has supplied backgrounds to several pages in The Rite of Serfdom.