19 Erzebet Zuniga

Digital drawing of a thin older woman with long grey hair, holding up a guitar. She is mostly dressed in fishnets and has a coffin necklace

19. Erzebet Zuniga

Erzebet Zuniga. After her stint in rehab and with the Shadow Creature no longer tagging along with her every step, Erzebet Zuniga, founding member of the seminal Goth band Cult of XünÿX, found the headspace to tackle some other issues that had been in the back of her head for some time. She told John and Zig first and they agreed to keep the band on pause for a year while Erzebet transitioned. A year was also a great time to unlearn some bad habits that had crept into her guitar playing during the worst years.
When the band got back together for the XünÿX Lives album and tour, John tried to turn the official transition announcement into a viral campaign but this fell entirely flat because it was 2021 and who is even surprised when someone they’ve lost track of for a while turns up with a new name and gender anymore?