Evil plots discovered while you wait

We all know how much fun you can have with Lego. The other day I picked up a catalogue and frankly was shocked by the way they managed to remove the fun factor with neigh surgical precision. They now have a thing called Lego explore, for kids aged 2+. This is no Lego! These aren’t building blocks, it’s all prefab crap! They just added useless pegs to give parents the impression it’s still Lego, it’s become a design statement if anything…
And there are some very disturbing products they are coming up with. Take for instance this heavy truck. In the first place, what’s with this Bob the builder-crap? In this day and age where nature conservation is the first thing our kids should learn, the most popular toys are of a guy who’s best friend are a bulldozer and a cement mixer?! And if you look at the Lego heavy truck, take a closer look at the driver. That’s one creepy mother! Unshaven, mean eyebrows, shades, evil smile! He’s not there to save the squirrel from extinction, that’s clear. Just look at the tires on that machine of his, not to mention the enormous exhaustpipe! Maybe the scandinavians are sick of their heating bills in winter and have created an evil plot to speed up world heating. Yeah, that’s got to be it…

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  1. As a longtime Legophile, and the parent of a six-year-old, I agree. I was embarrassed to see that apparently “Mega-Bloks” now beat Lego at their own game, in that their models (while still containing a number of custom-molded pieces) tend to be built out of standard blocks that can be more easily re-used in different designs.

  2. I remember the absolute joy of getting the lego blocks as a simple block set with the various sizes and blank plates. I loved playing with those things for hours.

    It did disappoint me to see all these prefabs and sets where the creative process, while still there, is limited. Thank heaven they still offer the basic blocks.

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