Comics in the exhibit (2)

Another comic that follows the “best practice” of having a Best Of archive and therefore deserves an early mention is Hans Bjordahl’s pioneering Where the Buffalo Roam. On the internet before there was a web, WTBR doesn’t quite have the polish of many modern-day webcomisc and takes little or no advantage of the formal possibilities offered by online publication. It’s simply a humorous strip, probably made with newspaper syndication in mind. And Columbus was just a schlub who got lost…

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  1. Yep, WtBR was a strip in the Colorado Daily, a free daily independent newspaper that covers Boulder and the University of Colorado, during the late 1980s when I was an undergraduate there. At the time there were actually three good locally-written comic strips in the paper, sometimes with crossover references between them. Haven’t seen anything like it since. Glad to see Hans getting a mention here!

  2. You’re quick on the draw, Squiddharta!

    I’m showing my age here as well. WTBR was never a personal favorite of mine but it was always listed on online comics web pages in the early ’90s. Those were odd days when commentators complained about a glut of webcomics because there were hundreds of them! Hundreds!

  3. I think some of Hans’s strips depended on local or topical humor, so those will have aged less well, but some of them still stand out in my mind just for the humor. The one that’s posted on the front page under the title “Love”, for instance.

    I actually learned to read from the comics pages in newspapers, way back toward the beginning of the universe, so they’ve always had a special place in my heart.

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