3 replies on “New name for the blog?”

  1. I like the name NostraDijkhuis, but then again, you haven’t done much predicting here… (go for it, tell us, who will be the next president of the United States, and what country will he go to war with? When will the Martians land on the Eiffel tower? Will you ever find that raffia-like thing you’ve lost?
    I’d go with Blawg. If that’s still free.

  2. How about Webblarg? How about Manchili Farnswoggle? How about a poke in the eye?

    You could just go backwards on what you have now, Elffaw, unless you’ve got something against elves. I’ve got something against elves, but I’m keeping it to myself until I need it for blackmail purposes.

  3. I kinda like NostraDijkhuis (or maybe Notsodevius) but I would be obliged to predict stuff even if I didn’t feel like it (and I was pretty wrong about the Spanish elections, in which as late as 6 PM on Sunday I still expected the PP to scrape by) and dress it up in quatrains.

    As for Carson’s suggestions, I think not, although a poke in the eye is better than a sharp – wait, that’s not how that expression goes, is it?

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