3 replies on “Changes to RSS feeds”

  1. I’m using Bloglines to pick up RSS and ATOM feeds. Your RSS was working well before, and is working well now. The only thing I see odd is that the comic pages in an earlier post don’t have breaks in between them (and so are lining up all in a row, making for a very wide page). Don’t remember if that was the case before.

  2. I am now also looking at bloglines.
    The absense of line breaks in the posted comic is deliberate. I wanted to see how it turned out if I allowed those images to flow freely. In the blog’s own pages and in the mini-template, the images usually end up stacked vertically, because the viewport is so narrow, but I was aware when I started the blog that it would be displayed in locations that might offer much wider viewing areas.
    Not too sure if it works in terms of legibility now though.

  3. Might work better if there were a border around the pages (even a light gray one) If I had them in print, I would have the divide of the paper in between the pages to keep my eye from straying in the wrong direction.

    Luckily for me, I saw them first vertically on your blog page. It’s only in the feed, horizontally, that my eye got confused. But then, my eye gets confused awfully easy. I think it’s in the den right now watching TV infomercials and clipping out-of-date coupons from old newspapers. Lazy, no-good eye.

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