Comics in the exhibit (7)

More artists who went above and beyond the call of duty for the Comics Museum’s digital exhibit:

Jesse Hamm of Happygoth
Charley Parker ofArgon Zark
Donna Barr of Stinz
Cayetano Garza, Jr. of Whimville
T. Campbell and the Waltrip brothers of Fans and Rip & Teri
Jeroen Jager of Capn
Scott McCloud

All these artists (and Adrian Ramos who I have mentioned several times before) have contributed hi-res art for the display columns
at very short notice, with little information from me about what was needed (because I was still figuring it out).

2 replies on “Comics in the exhibit (7)”

  1. Eep!

    I knew I was forgetting something!

    I won’t be able to offer you hi-res, unfortunately, since all my original stuff is not here in Ottawa, but I can at last go back and offer you that list of things you wanted!

    Sorry about the slip-up, sir!

  2. Is all right! The columns are finished and looking great. I’m more interested in some pointers to a good uninterrupted sequence of fourth-wall razing in your partly-restored archives:P

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