Spanish election analysis at Harry’s place.

If you are one of those who think the victory by the Spanish Socialist Party in last Sunday’s elections is some sort of capitulation to the terrorists, read these two posts at Harry’s Place for a much needed antidote, and follow the links from there.

It hardly needs to be pointed out how offensive and patronising such views are, coming just days after over ten million Spaniards took to the streets in those moving silent protests against terrorist attacks which killed 200 of their compatriots.
Best of the blogs on Spain
So, yes, 11-M influenced the vote, but not because we are overcome by fear, or because we think that we can avert further attacks, but because we will only put up with so much lying and manipulation, and especially not when it is the dead and their families that are being heartlessly and shamelessly manipulated. (quoted from another blog cited in that article)
I’ve set these links to open in a new window and disallowed comments for this post here because there is much better and more well-informed discussion going on in those other blogs already than the subject could ever generate here.