SteelStringBackpackerGuitar.jpgI saw this backpacker guitar from Martin in one of the local music shops, and couldn’t resist playing a few chords on it. It has a surprisingly good sound, a bit like the parlor-type guitars that Ian Anderson plays. In fact, I think if you fit it with a pick-up, it would work well in that sort of context: an acoustic guitar in front of an electric rock band. The lack of bottom end wouldn’t be noticeable at all, and the volume would be amplified anyway. I wouldn’t mind having this one to carry along with me while traveling at all. It’s not quite as good as IA’s parlor guitars, but certainly acceptable for the campfire, especially if like me, you have a… let’s say a powerful, vigorous playing style.
What did they economise on to make such a light-weight acoustic guitar? Solidity, mainly. The label warns to only use ultra-light strings. No problem, that.
The model in the shop differed from the one in the picture because the head was smaller, by the way.
Update: I didn’t know that Amazon sold musical instruments including the backpacker guitar. I suppose adding it to my wishlist (see this post) would be too much of a long shot.