Sony blinks!

Via Boing Boing:

Engadget reports that Sony is going to stop releasing music on ShinyDisk:

Seems Sony is going through something of a change of heart recently: following its decision to support MP3 in its audio players comes news that, in Japan at least, Sony Music Entertainment is ditching copy-control CDs from November. They claim the reason is “an increase in awareness by music consumers”, which we assume is supposed to mean that they’ve succeeded in educating everyone that copying CDs is a bad thing. Dare we suggest that the truth is simply that they’re starting to see the light?

One reply on “Sony blinks!”

  1. As BoingBoing’s very own Cory Doctorow suggested earlier this year, Sony was eating its own poison pill. Presumably the tiny Sony content department Columbia (acquired in 1988) had been telling the huge parent company to stop using MP3s in its portable players, as that is the stuff pirates are made of. From being the company that defined personal hifi, Sony dwindled to being an insignificant player in the market. I imagine they’re beginning to smell the coffee now.

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