Speaking of droning on…

Funny how a drum solo could seem fleeting in 1970. Funnier still how time flies except when you’re listening to that same drum solo 34 years later.

–Ian Anderson, in the sleeve notes to Live at the Isle of Wight 1970. I won’t be buying this one until it becomes a lot cheaper, but I thought I’d let the Tullies in my readership know it’s out.

2 replies on “Speaking of droning on…”

  1. How much cheaper does it have to get? On amazon according to your link its $13.49… and 13.99 pounds on amazon.co.uk

  2. That would be just over 10 Euro at current exchange rates, so that’s getting close (it was 20 Euro in the shops, which is too much).
    However, postage and packaging of a single CD would increase the price somewhat. I’ll probably add it to a future order. Though the way things are going I’ll have to wait until I’ve earned some more dosh.

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