London explosions

Rumour is flying about the Tube/bus explosions in London this morning. Nosemonkey at Europhobia is following it and has stated his belief that it’s a terrorist attack. I’ll wait for the dust to settle before making the call, but I can’t see the original explanation of a power surge on the Tube working right now.

Update (12.57, CET): The media are now calling it an attack or a series of attack (the difference between the two being merely one of point of view), and considering the M.O. to be that of Al-Qaeda.

Addendum (19.30, CET): I’m not going to repeat the same list of blogs covering the attack that other blogs are showing, but if you’re worried about someone in London who might be injured, dead or simply caught up in the confusion, go to the new Livejournal community dedicated to the attacks, and start your research there. Remember, though, that London is a city of several million and the casualties are likely to be fewer than a hundred dead and several hundred injured, so if your acquaintance is not listed anywhere as definitely alive, don’t panic. It’s terrible, but it’s not 9/11, not even proportionally.