Cheesecake cast images

New cast images for the character Krakatoa.

On Webcomics Nation, each series within a site is linked to its own set of cast pages. You can’t link to a single cast section for the whole site, at least not if you want to use the tools. I intend to use the built-in tools as much as possible, so I’m faced with having to enter the same characters into the system over and over again.
But that doesn’t mean the cast pages have to be the same. The biographies can be tailored to the individual series so that the biographies for The Double don’t include spoilers for Courtly Manners 2. Cast images can vary as well. The first image above shows Krakatoa as she appears in Courtly Manners 1, and the second, predictably, showcases her fetishy riding outfit from Courtly Manners 2.
There’s a bit of a challenge involved in this: Drawing cast images can be very boring, because one tends to do the same poses for them. This time, I’m trying to come up with a batch of cast pics that, while simple, are more interesting and varied than the last batch. These have decent composition and color, for what they are, and I expect no less of the ones I’ll be drawing for Ioannis, Fieffelfalsfaffel, Jara, Alcydia and Kel.

Note that I’m not linking to the Courtly Manners series on the Chronicles of the Witch Queen website right now. When The Double starts running in earnest on August 1, I will de-activate all other series on the site, so we can re-serialise everything in the correct chronological order at a later date. The Courtly series will remain visible to subscribers on Modern Tales, though.