One more


Kel, morphing back from her plant form. Drawn for the Chronicles of the Witch Queen cast pages, although it may take a while before the picture shows up there.

I like drawing Kel morphing. It’s a bit more interesting than drawing regular nudes of her, and it often turns out rather nice. Not perfect, in this case – as with the previous pics, there are some faults that indicate a need to do some more life drawing, but rather nice.

I’ve made prints available through DeviantArt, more to test the prints system before my free subscription there runs out than out of any real expectation that people will buy it. But if you feel like having a naked plant-woman on your coffee mug, you can get it from there. I get 10 % of the money, by the way. Can’t vouch for the quality, because I’ve never actually seen a DeviantArt print, but maybe one or two people reading this can tell me more about that? seems to be working again.
Seriously, though, I did have to submit a high-res image to serve as a source for the prints, and I do think this pic would look OK as an 10×14…