Van Gogh’s killer gets life

So it’s life in the slammer for Mohammad Bouyeri. Good, although considering what came to light about the man’s obsessions during the trial, it would have been a good idea to send him back to the Pieter Baan Centrum for further evaluation (Bouyeri was sent there before his trial to determine if he might be insane, but refused to cooperate). In all likelihood, having been declared insane would not have got him out any earlier, but it would have had the beneficial effect of invalidating his motive for the murder of Theo van Gogh.
All crimes Bouyeri was charged of have been found proven, although in the case of two out of six charges, a terroristic motive was ruled out. Bouyeri does not get stripped of his voting rights, which the judge reckons he won’t want to use anyway, but he has been ordered to pay damage to Theo van Gogh’s family and other injured parties.
I’ll link to the full text of the verdict and sentencing if and when I find it on the net.

Addendum: In the first version of their report, get it badly wrong, claiming that Bouyeri does lose his voting rights. Update: They’ve corrected it now.
Update: reports in English. Pick your own.