Cheese and beef

Two more cast images for the Chronicles of the Witch Queen site, both in minimalist outfits. The one on the left is Kel in Courtly Manners 1, at the pool. The one on the right is the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel in his running outfit in Courtly Manners 2. You can tell it’s the running outfit, and not the swimsuit because it lacks the bow tie.

I’ve decided that instead of taking down the Courtly Manners comics in anticipation of their resurrection as free comics in 8 or so months time, I’ll leave them up as a subscriber bonus. I’m even thinking of putting up more things to lure in subscribers. But I’m still considering subscriptions to Chronicles as no more than a sideline, a reward for people who choose to send a bit of money our way. The bulk of the work will be free, and hopefully paid for through advertising, commissions, merchandise, passing the hat, etc.