Musical additions to The Double

While configuring daily installments for The Double (my role is to be the editor/publisher/site manager for the series. I letter the comics using a cross between Geir’s original English script and my Dutch translation, tidied up so Geir’s Norwegianisms don’t appear) the other day, I realised that I couldn’t stop talking about the songs Daniel recorded to go with the comic a few years ago. Something about the way he could just lift lines of dialogue verbatim from Geir’s English script and make them work as songs.
I then thought "well, the last time I mentioned a song that was supposed to go with a comic on that comic’s website, people asked me where they could hear the song." So I asked about bandwidth availability on Webcomics Nation, upon which Joey Manley assured me that when he said "unmetered bandwidth", he really meant it; and I asked Daniel about permission to use the songs online, and he gave it. So The Double now comes with songs! Despite Joey’s assurances, I’ve kept the quality at a modest 80 kpbs, just in case the songs get downloaded by thousands of people simultaneously, which is what we want, really. But they do sound pretty good.
One song, "If Only Dreams Could Be For Real", has been added to an already-published archive page. The second, "Come, Come", goes live today. A third, "The Spirit", goes live tomorrow. I’ll add at least four more during the publication of the series.

No, I’m not linking to them directly. The songs go with the comic.

In other news, I’ve finally been able to restore Geir’s access to this blog using MT-medic. Let’s hope he starts posting here again soon.