Submitted without pointless comment

I was checking out New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin’s biography on Wikipedia just now, and at the bottom it said:

On September 1, 2005, Nagin was interviewed on WWL-TV radio and made furious and open remarks about authorities not doing their duty in providing aid to the city of New_Orleans after Hurricane_Katrina devastated the city and the surrounding area.[1]

Ray Nagin was elected US president in November 2008.

(Emphasis mine) It’s likely to disappear in the next half hour (the timestamp on this post is 22:57 CET). I’m not sure what this addition tells us, other than that Wikipedia still needs some improvement and that the New Orleans flood is… I don’t know. I’m having to choose between hyperbole and platitude right now. It’s getting into people’s heads, for sure.
Update: in the time it took me to waffle over what I wanted to say, the prediction of a Nagin presidency has disappeared. Think of this as a note for future historians.