Another one finished.

The Eye of the Underworld wraps up today on Webcomicsnation. For a series I drew eight years ago, it’s pretty good, actually. Go read it from the beginning if you didn’t follow it during its one-month run.

Eye was just beginning to reach the lower rungs of the Webcomicsnation All-Time Top 100 in the past week. Again, quite good for something that has been available online for years although with something like 2 billion people online it will be a while before everyone has seen it. Compared to The Double‘s performance (peaked at #30 when there was less competition, now at #56), it’s even more of an achievement, because The Double was new to more of my and Geir’s regular readership and was twice as long, meaning twice as many pages to count towards its ranking in the top hundred. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that as with all online ranking systems, there’s a power distribution going on: Position #96 has less than half the pageviews of Position #56, and the Number One comic (currently the political satire comic Neil Lisst) has something like 20 times the pageviews as Number 56 (However, if Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan were a Webcomicsnation comic, it would trounce the Number One day after day).

The next long story will have even more competition, and will be even shorter, but we will nevertheless try and get Christmas at Blocksberg into that Top 100 as well. However, that won’t begin to run until December. Next week, we’ll have a quick two-pager, Thousandstab, followed by some sketches, previews, odds and ends, posted irregularly. There is one other two-pager in my archives that I will try to prepare and post, but I haven’t been able to find it. If and when I do, it will show up on the Chronicles of the Witch Queen website.
Update: I have found good source images for Staff Cutbacks and it will appear on the website next Wednesday and Thursday.