Caning a diabetic dog

A repeat performance from Andrew Rilstone in which he demolishes another "PC Brigade" story, taking off with the headline

“Yes, it’s hard to believe, but now Santa AND Christmas lights have been banned.”

. Upon closer examination, the actual story turns out to be

Local council doesn’t ban the word Christmas from light switching on festivities at all.


Town moves Santa five minutes round the corner

Again, read it. And next time you come across a story like the one he dissects, or a second-hand report of same, engage maximum skepticism. You may want to blogroll Andrew’s blog as well – he doesn’t post much but when he does it’s always great stuff.

Update: See this story at Media Watch Watch. It gets a bit confusing because that website was set up to counter an organisation called Media Watch and in this post links approvingly to Australian Mediawatch but once you’ve got the sourcing figured out, it’s another good example of a non-story being turned into a story by means of Making Shit Up. It’s about a report that British banks were "banning" piggy banks for fear they might offend Muslims. The reality: banks haven’t been big on porcelain porcines for some time.