Sketchbook Bonanza

I don’t do convalescence well. I find myself looking for things to do and end up doing the sort of work that I would otherwise have put off. It’s not that I concentrate better when a virus has taken the edge off me; I just don’t find the distractions as compelling as I would when I’m healthy. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

I’ve been working on the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan archive listing page with Mithandir. This involved restructuring the database entries for some of the chapters and changing the tagging code for that page. The work isn’t quite finished – Mithandir says he’ll look at the tagging code and fix the final oddities tonight – but it’s good enough to link to it on the other content pages, so I’ve done that as well.

Cover to the latest sketchbook
I have liberated a bunch of sketches from The Book of All Things, the sketchbook feature I used to have on Modern Tales. This used to be available to subscribers only, but has been unavailable to anyone since the Modern Tales crash in March. Most of the material will now go to the Sketchbook section of my own Gallery, where it arguably belonged anyway. I’ve added a large number of storyboards, panel layouts and sketches to the Rite of Serfdom Sketchbook subsection. I initially thought this would take about an hour, but there was much more material there than I remembered. The Rite of Serfdom Sketchbook now contains 52 items, and there’s more on my hard drive.
T.S.Sullivant Wallpaper stuff
I’ve also created a subsection for a series of sketches I did for a wallpaper in imitation of early newspaper cartoonist T.S. Sullivant a while ago. The finished wallpaper is now free and can be found in the Artworks section.

A third batch of sketches in the Book of All Things consisted of storyboards for Courtly Manners 2: The Unicorn Race. Those will now be re-run in the Odds and Ends section of the Chronicles of the Witch Queen website, over the weekend and beyond. I’m thinking of making Odds and Ends a permanent feature to run on the site whether there is other new content there or not. I’m not sure if I have enough material, but I expect something will show up.
Today and tomorrow, by the way, Odds and Ends features Adventure a Daniel Østvold solo comic from 1998 in which Countess Alcydia and a Wolfman pass into the real world to harrass Geir and Anne-Kristin. Nice stuff!

Update: One more set of drawings liberated from the Book of All Things: A small selection of Life Drawings. I have more, but I’ll need to find them before I can add them.